Ok, so it only took me an extra year to get it done, but yes, my new CD is finally done! "Cover To Cover, Collection 1" is now available for purchase on my Music page. I recorded 10 covers, including songs from Peter Gabriel, the Police and Goo Goo Dolls. Primarily piano/vocal, this record is very reflective of my performance style at the Montage Resort. Once again, I co-produced this record with the incredibly talented Rick Cowling and it would not be nearly as good without his expertise. Get your copy of "Cover To Cover, Collection 1" today!

I continue to perform in the Lobby Lounge at the Montage Resort every Tuesday through Saturday evening, providing atmosphere for our valued guests and clientele. Even after 20 months with the Montage, I am still amazed by the service and attention to detail our staff provides every single day. If you have not experienced the Montage, do yourself a favor and come down sometime soon for an overnight stay, dinner at one of our amazing restaurants and an evening in the Lobby Lounge. You will be so happy you did. See you there!